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Local News, Workforce Wednesdays & more!

Navasota Examiner
Serving Grimes County for over 125 years.

Local news and sports coverage. The Examiner is a weekly print publication with over 4000 prints in circulation weekly. Live coverage of Elections, High School sports and more- this newspaper operates with a staff of 5, as well as interning reporters from TX A&M and local High Schools in the county! 

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WILLY 98.7
The "voice" of Grimes County! 

With local news, radio, music and more- WILLY 98.7 knows how to feature Grimes County in real time. Featuring a staff of 2- this team provides updates, news and fun facts throughout the week! 

Our monthly radio spot "Workforce Wednesdays" is also featured! You can access those recordings by clicking the links below!

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