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The Chamber of Commerce is a unique organization.  By definition it is a voluntary association of businesses, industry, professional and other interested persons.  A small county Chamber, such as ours, is expected to be as diverse as the people it represents.

The old saying "no man is an island" reflects the foundation of the Chamber.  No one member, acting alone, can accomplish what the Chamber can do on his or her behalf.  The Chamber puts lobbyists, sales representatives, public relations, goodwill ambassadors, and informational consultants on your payroll.  

A Chamber of Commerce is NOT a department of the city, county or state government; a social service or charitable institution; or a private advertising, publicity or public relations agency.

Here are ways your membership can pay for itself:



    Print Advertising:   Members receive 25% off one print advertising per year at the Navasota Examiner.  That is a savings of $75 on a quarter-page ad.




    Radio Advertising:  Members receive $200 off advertising on the Navasota News radio broadcast.




    Printing and copying:  Members receive 20% off their first print order from Integ Printing in Bryan.  Savings for a $1,000 print job is $200.

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