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             Letter from the President

Looking back at 2015, it was a good year in many ways for Grimes County.  Of course, many of our businesses have been affected by the downturn in oil prices.  But, investments in our economic development programs by the City of Navasota and Grimes County have laid the groundwork for increasing numbers of economic development projects. This shows very promising signs for the future.

This year was also a big step forward for our Chamber in working towards our mission and vision statements, and achieving our core objectives.  Starting with our leadership, we have a new team in place. Johnny McNally is our new Executive Director, and Rosalia Mendez is the administrative assistant. 

This year, we worked collaboratively with the Navasota Economic Development and Community Development groups to help facilitate small business growth. We are working with County leaders to help with process improvements in 2016.

The 2016 Board of Directors is now in place, and we will work hard to keep our communities and your businesses competitively advantaged.

Organizationally, we have built a high level staff team by adding accomplished chamber, economic development and public policy executives that have brought a wealth of experience to our organization. Chamber membership is poised to grow more in 2016.  When we compare ourselves to our peers across this area, the data suggests significant growth potential.  By focusing on the needs of our members and increasing our outreach, we believe we can achieve our membership goals, which would make us a stronger and more effective organization.

This year, we have benefited from our board of directors, who provided great leadership and found avenues to increase their involvement even further. Nearly every member of our board is actively engaged in at least one aspect of our organization and now we are focused on increasing involvement throughout our membership. I hope you’ll consider increasing your investment by adding your voice and energy to our mission.

Our focus on people is clear. This year, we have instituted the Chamber Academy, a series of lunch and learns on topics related to business.  We are working with various entities to offer free or minimal cost training for our businesses’ employees, through a program with Blinn College. We hope these programs will have an impact on the businesses in our area, and be a useful tool to our citizens.

Thanks to the work you have supported through your membership, we are significantly increasing our outreach. Our website is in the process of transforming into a true resource for businesses, visitors, and residents of Grimes County. 

Looking forward, we intend to better communicate with our membership, and demonstrate the enhanced value we have created by focusing on aligning resources, and putting the member at the center of our business.  Our strategy is to put you, our member, at the center of everything we do with the belief that this model can grow our area’s economic prosperity.

Your feedback and insight is always welcome. I am deeply thankful of your support and the tireless work of our board, staff and ambassadors. Please come to our mixers, merchant meetings, Chamber Academy workshops, and be part of the momentum of our business community.


Meribeth Shimshack
President, Board of Directors,
Navasota Grimes County Chamber of Commerce

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